Were you there in 2005?

By 2005, Togfest’s three stages had grown to four, with the debut appearance of ‘The Acoustic Café’ proving a great success. The audience enjoyed the ambience (and the tables and chairs!), and the artistes enjoyed the intimate atmosphere. It was also a great space for our storytellers and poets.

The weather could have been  kinder but it didn’t daunt the festival goers – they turned out in force to enjoy what another great day out.

The day opened at 11.00 a.m. with MK Rock School showcasing their talents on The Marquee Stage. The first Courtyard Stage slot was a rousing overture from Gekko. The Underdogs opened The Cruck Barn Stage, and The Acoustic Café brought us all soul from MK duo: Cheap Dates.

From there on it was  music all the way, with a variety of spoken word performance throughout the day.

The Courtyard Stage featured The Zeds, Australia’s Gwyn Ashton, Connecting Routes, Mark Joseph, Igagu from Soweto, S.A., Little Johnny England and Waysted. Festival hosts Togmor, completed the night with a set featuring special guests Del Bromham, Guy Fletcher and Gareth Turner.

The Marquee Stage saw performances from US artist Joe Driscoll, Graham Robins, Freakanature, Six.Point.Five, Terrapin Trainstation, The Michèle Welborn Band and The Powders.

The Cruck Barn Stage rocked to the sounds of The Underdogs, Nuada, The MKMS Orchestra, RPM, Storm Within, Sweet Tin Hoax, my pet junkie and ZIGZIG.

Throughout the day, The Acoustic Café hosted performances from So Long Angel, Pat Rogers, The Crow, Dan Plews, Sam Gatehouse and The Peter Principle. Poetry came from Steve Holden and John Pinkerton and we saw a wonderful performance of the story of ‘Me, Marley and I’ from Yaw Asiyama.