Do you remember 2004?

Togfest festival goers were warmly welcomed as they arrived by the busking team with the sounds of sax, clarinet, guitar and flute.

Togfest 2004 added The Marquee Stage to complement The Courtyard and Cruck Barn Stages. In the event of a heat wave (See 2000!) the Togfest team were now happy to know that for two out of three stages our audience would always be sheltered from the sun.  It rained – but the trusty audience came armed with chairs and weatherproofs, took full advantage of the excellent food vendors and drank the real ale bar dry…again!

BBC Three Counties radio broadcast live from the site, interviewing several of our musicians and taking in some of the festival atmosphere.

The A & R team had to review well over 200 applications from all over the UK (and beyond!) to build the line-up.

The music was magic. Thirty bands…from blues to bhangra, classical to country – with a range of soul, rock, jazz, folk, indie, pop, funk, hip hop, emo rock and more in between. Our youngest artiste was just thirteen;  and our oldest (if he’d wished) could have got there free on the bus.

Apart from the Togmor, the line-up included a second festival appearance from the mighty Del Bromham and Stray, Bridgefield, Common Ground (the funky soul one…see 1999!), Cozma Vaughan, Smudj, Little Spitfire, Shenley Brook End School Jazz Band, Soul Fever, enq, Bleeding Hearts, MK Sinfonia, Restless Bentleys, Stonegrass, Dansaul, Touchstone, Dansaul, Unlikely Brothers, Hedroom, Jimi Volcano, Rangla Punjab, Karen Grace, Souler Rhythm, Vicious Cabaret, Beech, Meltbak and Table Nine.  We also had a variety of spoken word performances.