In 1969 Keith Christmas recorded his first album ‘Stimulus’ at Sound Control in Chelsea, London when he was signed up by Sandy Roberton.  Mighty Baby were given the task of backing the tracks and partly because of this it has become a collector’s item.
That same year because of the gigs he played as the main act at the Beckenham Arts Lab, then run by a rising star called David Bowie, he was asked to play the acoustic guitar on David’s first album ‘Space Oddity’. He played his Fender Palomino Acoustic guitar while David played his 12-string on ‘Letter to Hermione’, ‘God Knows I’m Good’ and ‘Occasional Dream’.
That year he was asked by Michael Eavis to appear at a small festival in Pilton called the Glastonbury Festival. He made many appearances in the years that followed, some as a booked artist and some simply turning up and playing. 

In 1970 he recorded the album ‘Fable of the Wings’ and in 1971 he wrote and recorded the highly-acclaimed’ Pigmy’.

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