Over the past fifteen years, the festival has been managed and run by a team of dedicated professionals who give their time for free to maintain Togfest’s reputation as one of the best of the summer festivals.

The Togfest Management Team

Ian Rowe – Festival Director
Pete Jelfs – Financial Director
Andy Powell – Safety and Site Management
Richard Meadows – Site Operations Management
Gina Kelly – Crew Manager

…helped by…

Sue Gray – Planning & Programme
Kate Hannaby-Jessop – Gate Team
Andy Malleson, Matt Steele-Jessop – Crew and Artiste Catering
Kieran Magill – Stage Crew
Lynda Hammond – Artiste reception
Carole Munro – Merchandising Crew
James Daniels – Trader Management
Neil Ward-Jackson and Richard Sharp – Camping Team
Ed Smith – Security
Emily Malleson – Marketing (and Control Room during the event)
Finn Taylor-Moore – Everything he possibly can
Barb Plews – Graphic Designer
Jon Plews – IT Manager


…and not forgetting…

Togfest also relies on a team of over 150 volunteer Crew Members who come together each year to help make the festival happen.



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