In the beginning…

Back in 1998, Togfest began as a one-off event – a party to celebrate Togmor’s tenth anniversary. Since then it has evolved, becoming one of the biggest and most successful music events in Milton Keynes.

Admittedly the plan did …grow a bit …between initial conception and the actual day. The initial idea was to hire The Cruck Barn at Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes, have a bit of a party and play a gig. It ended up becoming a day long free ‘party’ with all manner of bands contributing to a whole day of musical entertainment. On the day around 2000 people turned up. There was  no going back: Togfest was born.

It’s been growing ever since.


…and now…

Togfest Music Festival is a family-friendly event, bringing you live, original music of every possible genre.

Togfest is a ‘not for profit’ event – so all proceeds go straight into making it better and better. All crew and performers give their time for free in order to help the festival grow.

We aim to unite those who love to play with those who love to listen, showcasing a line-up of experienced acts alongside promising, talented and innovative rising stars. On top of that, we aim to give you a festival experience to remember.


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